Welcome to Bare!

An interesting conversation came up on Plurk a few weeks ago that sparked our interest.  Damien Fate, co-owner of Cold Logic and owner of FATEwear, discussed his newest SL venture into men’s mesh clothing.  He told his timeline the story behind FATEwear and how it all came about.  It was the kind of story that grabbed your attention and gave you a glimpse at Damien Fate the person.  We found ourselves wanting to know more about our fellow residents in Second Life.

We began our lengthy talks about what we would like to do, how we would interview people and how we would choose people to be interviewed.   We decided this was too big for posting on Plurk and we decided to create a blog.  We asked Plurk to come up with a name for our blog and “Bare” was born.  Grazia Horwitz came up with that name and will be the subject of our first interview.

We hope you will enjoy learning more about the people behind the avatars!  We always welcome suggestions so please leave a comment for us or send us an email we.are.bare.sl.@gmail.com

One thought on “Welcome to Bare!

  1. What a great concept for a blog. People’s stories are also so interesting! I arrived here via the Strawberry Singh interview and followed, I’m definitely looking forward to reading more! Great start and good luck!

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