LiquidH3ll Carter

How old are you?
26 years old. I refuse to leave my mid-twenties if I can help it.

Where do you live or where are you from?
New Zealand. You take a bus to the end of the world and make a left. After a couple hours, you’re there.

Care to give your personal background?
I’m never-married, no kids, currently (over)working in corporate IT. I went straight out of university into the workplace, so I’m currently trying hard to save for some overseas trips within the next five years, but this messed up economy certainly makes my plans bumpier than Romney’s social policy.

When did you join SL and why?
I started playing in earnest in July 2007 because I was bored; it’s actually why I left the “3” typo in my name. I figured I was going to be here all of a week and then leave for good. So five years later, here I am – still a noob but with a (debateably) better shirt.

What do you do in SL?
I vegetate and I’m really good at it. My best work yet is logging into my skybox and AFKing until I’m booted. Seriously though, I recently do graphic design for Second Life residents and occasionally I do contract scripting. I have a (laughable) background in IT so programming in LSL wasn’t as much of a hurdle as I feared. I used to do some building, but I’ve taken a break from it until I learn to mesh model. A few friends have been awesome enough to help where they can. Recently, I’ve begun helping out Alice Project doing customer –circus– service work.

Describe your style in SL. Does it differ much from your RL? How?
I generally wear fairly simple styles, similar to my real life. I’m a fan of plain white tees, maybe a light shirt, blue jeans and chuck sneakers if I can get away with it. Liquid dresses a little more colourfully than I do, but the base idea is the same. It’s not so much my personal style as the fact that I’m just extremely lazy. If I were to offer free advertising, I’d probably name Gos, Kal Rau, Kauna, notsobad and Fate among my favourite inworld menswear stores.

How did you get into designing/blogging/djing, etc?
Well I first noticed I had natural skill in counter-productive procrastination in school, when I was about 11. Since then, I’ve just soared in that department to ever-greater heights. Besides that, I was an artsy kid in high school (took art, graphics design, languages, music, etc.). It wasn’t until I went to university that I did a complete 180 and opted for computer science and business school, so now and then I like to explore ‘the other life’ I didn’t choose.

What was the first thing you created/blogged etc? Will you share it with us?
A lava lamp. I’m not sure if I still have it, but I had to script the colour change and everything. I remade it in 2011 just to see if I could. I’d be interested in trying after I get a hang of mesh.

What have you created/blogged etc that you are most proud of?
I hardly ever blog, but I did one guest post on a friend’s blog called Slidioglossia revolving around music and the musician/rockstar style that I really had fun doing. A Little Less Conversation
I haven’t made anything cool in a long time inworld, unfortunately.

What is the silliest/craziest thing you’ve done in SL?

I am *really* not allowed to talk about this, sorry… =|

What would you like to do in SL that you’ve never tried?
Own an estate or sim maybe. Or start a business in earnest.

When you’re sitting at your computer playing SL, what do you usually wear? Describe your workspace.
I’m wearing jeans and a tshirt that says “Got this for my girlfriend; awesome trade.” right now. My workspace is kind of cluttered with papers and folders at the moment because I was doing work earlier.

Has anyone in SL inspired you? Who and in what way?
I used to have a friend who doesn’t log into SL anymore, but she showed me the ropes not only in terms of building and scripting, but a lot of other aspects of virtual worlds too. No, I know what you’re thinking, but not that lol. I’m sorry I’m so boring.

What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you wish more people could know?
I really really really love YouTube cover bands. I’m addicted to them and can easily spend upward of two hours in one sitting just going through a band’s uploaded videos. Paste your favourite YouTube finds to me; I will appreciate you like a fat kid appreciates smuggled cupcakes at fat camp during a zombie apocalypse.

Do you have any hobbies? What do you like to do when you aren’t in SL?
I’m an avid bookworm, TV-watcher and video-game noob (mostly first person shooters). I also play the piano and the guitar but I rarely have time/motivation to practice these days.

If you had to choose a movie title or song to describe your life so far, what would it be?
Ke$ha’s Tic To-… you know what, I couldn’t even type that with a straight face. There’s a Kiwi rock band here called Elemeno P and they have an older song released when I was about fourteen called “Fast Times in Tahoe”. The title itself doesn’t really relate but I love the lyrics and the feel of the song. You should be able to find it on YouTube and/or any “high seas discount” places like any truly accomplished filthy media pirate.

What would you like to be doing in 5 years? 10? 15?
I’d like to visit the U.S. & Canada, Europe and South America. I’m a history and culture buff, so visiting ancient ruins is like castles, amphitheatres and such amounts to travel porn for me. Beyond that, I’d like to either start my own RL business or apply for an MBA program within 10 years. I guess I should think about settling down around then too maybe, but at the moment I admit it’s not priority one. 15 years…that’ll probably be around about the time to renew my immortality pact with the devil, so with any luck, I’ll be back to being 26 by then.

What things would you try if you had no fear?
Shaking hands with a clown. You think I’m kidding. I’m really not.

If you left SL today, how would you like to be remembered?
Honestly, I’ve kind of gone into more detail about myself than I generally do with anyone already. I generally prefer to remain “that lighthearted, trolly guy” who likes to have a good time, so the added depth (of an ashtray) is new to me and probably some of my newer friends. I would hope people remember me as someone humourous, fun-loving and not dwell too much on any overly-serious moments, which I generally like to keep private anyway.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know?
Yeah, the guy you were actually supposed to interview just arrived – I can see him out that window. Thanks for letting me ramble for 15 questions, though.

We’ve also asked her fellow plurkers if they had any questions and here they are!

from Katya Valeska:
Why the name Liquidhell?

When I was about 9 or 10 and my dog was a puppy, he made it onto the breakfast table before school and completely psyched out, so there was milk and cereal and juice EVERYWHERE. That’s where I got the name from. The “3” is a @%damn typo that I figured ‘whatever’ since I wasn’t going to be in this online game very long anyway. Shut up.

from Ohna:
What is something that you like to do in sl, that you don’t really admit much?

That’s a good question. Hmm…honestly, there’s not too much I’d do in SL that I like and won’t admit. I used to teach basic scripting and building, though, so that’s something I really enjoyed. I even helped run a small academy and did group lessons too back when I still had the time. I don’t really throw that out there now, because the group still exists and occasionally I get a lazy ‘student’ who just wants to ask and have the work done for them rather than learn anything at all.

from Daoine Sidhesays:
How long have you been a graphic artist? Where do you get your ideas and.. what’s it like being Alice’s CSR?
I’ve never really ‘been’ a graphic artist. I took all the appropriate classes in high school but never pursued it after graduating, choosing to play around now and then more as a hobby. I’ve actually done logos for people quietly for awhile and only advertised very recently to help hone my creativity and skill set.

I get my ideas from everywhere. I make notes in my idea book and take photos on my phone when I can. Tumblr, deviantART and provide some really good creativity seed, if anyone wants added inspiration. The hardest trick is to get a bunch of suitable elements to form something that makes you immediately think…”that’s it; that’s the one!” You have no idea how I feel when I get that and it’s obvious that others feel it too. It’s magic in it’s purest form and I didn’t even have to level up in some game.

Despite what anyone might think, I’m actually ridiculously organised because on average we get about 3-4 IMs a day that need following-up on. I have a shared Google spreadsheet (complete with a form) where I enter in customer queries that can’t be dealt with on-the-stop or need escalating. Alice and I work together to keep response times low and customer loyalty high. I think last I geeked out the numbers, we had like a resolution time of 6 hours or something. (6 hr resolution time thing, it’s for stuff that are “left messages” or needed escalating/addressing)

That isn’t to say that I don’t troll some of the customers, especially the ones that don’t like to read instructions or are rude; I have no qualms about throwing their attitude back in their face with a healthy dollop of apathy. Most are very nice, though!

from Alice Demonia:
Why do you ask SO MANY QUESTIONS? When are you gonna start learning mesh?

To make you ask questions. I’ll probably start picking up learning in earnest after the busy period ends. So probably near mid-November onward.

from Daniella Riaxik:
How did you get started in being an awesome man prop for the bloggers?

This is a thing? I genuinely like helping the bloggers out – I know it’s a pain in the ass to outfit an alt and run multiple viewers AND worry about taking a snapshot, so if I can help out and I’m not doing anything else at the time, why not? The bloggers work hard to present new content at an impressively exciting rate and it costs me nothing to lend a hand.

from TrinityBelle:
I’d like to know what makes him think of all the questions that he asks

My brain works in weird ways. I think of things during the day or when random things provoke an odd line of thought. It could be a stray radio question or a cool advertisement. Sometimes I read something online and adapt it into a question. I’m just curious about human nature in general, I guess, which might sound creepy in some cases LOL. I assure you though, my interest is very generic to people and social philosophy as a whole, not on any specific individual =). By the way, Trin, you’re out of orange juice.

from Dinalya Dawes:
I want to know when he is getting in his next shipment of cookies.

I feel so used.

Thank you Liq for a very entertaining look into your life!

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